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DIVE, verb. To swim under water.
DIVE, verb. To jump into water head-first.
DIVE, verb. To descend sharply or steeply.
DIVE, verb. (especially with in) To undertake with enthusiasm.
DIVE, verb. (sports) To deliberately fall down after a challenge, imitating being fouled, in the hope of getting one's opponent penalised.
DIVE, verb. To cause to descend, dunk; to plunge something into water.
DIVE, verb. (transitive) To explore by diving; to plunge into.
DIVE, verb. (figurative) To plunge or to go deeply into any subject, question, business, etc.; to penetrate; to explore.
DIVE, noun. A jump or plunge into water.
DIVE, noun. A swim under water.
DIVE, noun. A decline.
DIVE, noun. (slang) A seedy bar, nightclub, etc.
DIVE, noun. (aviation) Aerial descend with the nose pointed down.
DIVE, noun. (sports) A deliberate fall after a challenge.
DIVE, noun. Plural of diva
DIVE BOMBER, noun. (aviation) (historical) A bomber aircraft that dives directly at its target in order to provide greater accuracy for the bomb it drops.
DIVE BOMBERS, noun. Plural of dive bomber
DIVE COMPUTER, noun. A device, similar in appearance to a wristwatch used by underwater divers to measure the time and depth of a dive so that a safe ascent profile can be calculated and displayed so that the diver can avoid decompression sickness.
DIVE IN, verb. (idiomatic) To start a new endeavor enthusiastically and wholeheartedly.

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DIVE, noun. A cheap disreputable nightclub or dance hall.
DIVE, noun. A headlong plunge into water.
DIVE, noun. A steep nose-down descent by an aircraft.
DIVE, verb. Drop steeply; "the stock market plunged".
DIVE, verb. Plunge into water; "I was afraid to dive from the board into the pool".
DIVE, verb. Swim under water; "the children enjoyed diving and looking for shells".

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