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LANDING, noun. Corridor
LANDING, noun. Coming to earth, as of an airplane or any descending object
LANDING, noun. A place on a shoreline where a boat lands
LANDING, noun. The level part of a staircase, at the top of a flight of stairs, or connecting one flight with another.
LANDING, verb. Present participle of land
LANDING CRAFT, noun. (nautical) (military) a type of flat-bottomed boat used to transport infantry and vehicles onto a shore during an assault from the sea
LANDING CRAFT TANK, noun. (military) (nautical) an amphibious assault water vessel designed to transport a tank across water to directly onto shore, where the tank may roll off the vessel onto the shore, while under enemy fire. [WWII]
LANDING FIELD, noun. Alternative term for airfield
LANDING GEAR, noun. (aviation) the wheels, tyres, brakes, shock absorbers etc of an aircraft; its undercarriage
LANDING GEAR, noun. (trucking) the bipod stand found near the front end underneath a truck trailer, used to keep the trailer level when not attached to a tractor truck.
LANDING GEARS, noun. Plural of landing gear
LANDING NET, noun. (fishing) A fishnet mounted on a ring which is connected to a handle, used by anglers to secure a catch when pulling it out of the water by the line to which it is hooked.
LANDING PAGE, noun. (web design) A web page at which a user first arrives at a website.
LANDING PAGES, noun. Plural of landing page
LANDING SHIP, noun. (military) (nautical) a sea-going military light ferry designed to assault shores that are held against them, and disembark forces directly onto the shore
LANDING STAGE, noun. A floating platform attached at one end to a wharf so as to rise and fall with the tide, and thus facilitate passage between the wharf and a vessel lying beside the stage.
LANDING STRIP, noun. (aviation) A runway for aircraft, especially one which is auxiliary or temporary.
LANDING STRIP, noun. (idiomatic) A cultivated pubic hair pattern in which much of the pubic hair is removed, leaving only a central vertical line or rectangle.
LANDING STRIPS, noun. Plural of landing strip
LANDING VEHICLE TRACKED, noun. (military) A class of amphibious vehicles introduced in World War II.
LANDING VEHICLES TRACKED, noun. Plural of landing vehicle tracked
LANDING WAITER, noun. Landwaiter

Dictionary definition

LANDING, noun. An intermediate platform in a staircase.
LANDING, noun. Structure providing a place where boats can land people or goods.
LANDING, noun. The act of coming down to the earth (or other surface); "the plane made a smooth landing"; "his landing on his feet was catlike".
LANDING, noun. The act of coming to land after a voyage.

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