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COMPASSIONATE, adjective. Having, feeling or showing compassion; sympathetic.
COMPASSIONATE, adjective. Of a leave, given to someone because of a domestic emergency.
COMPASSIONATE, adjective. (obsolete) Inviting pity; pitiable.
COMPASSIONATE, verb. (archaic) To feel compassion for; to pity, feel sorry for.
COMPASSIONATE CONSERVATISM, noun. A political philosophy that stresses using traditionally Conservative techniques and concepts in order to improve the general welfare of society.
COMPASSIONATE CONSERVATIVISM, noun. Common misconstruction of compassionate conservatism
COMPASSIONATE LEAVE, noun. A period of absence from work taken by an employee due to a personal matter.
COMPASSIONATE USE, noun. (US) The semi-official use of a drug that has not yet gained official approval in cases where no other treatment is possible

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COMPASSIONATE, verb. Share the suffering of.
COMPASSIONATE, adjective. Showing or having compassion; "heard the soft and compassionate voices of women".

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