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HUMANISM, noun. The study of the humanities or the liberal arts; literary (especially classical) scholarship. [from 19th c.]
HUMANISM, noun. (historical) (often capitalized) Specifically, a cultural and intellectual movement in 14th-16th century Europe characterised by attention to Classical culture and a promotion of vernacular texts, notably during the Renaissance. [from 19th c.]
HUMANISM, noun. An ethical system that centers on humans and their values, needs, interests, abilities, dignity and freedom; especially used for a secular one which rejects theistic religion and superstition. [from 19th c.]
HUMANISM, noun. Humanitarianism, philanthropy.

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HUMANISM, noun. The doctrine that people's duty is to promote human welfare.
HUMANISM, noun. The doctrine emphasizing a person's capacity for self-realization through reason; rejects religion and the supernatural.
HUMANISM, noun. The cultural movement of the Renaissance; based on classical studies.

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