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SPITTING, verb. Present participle of spit
SPITTING, noun. (chiefly archaic) (medicine) expectoration
SPITTING CHIPS, adjective. Angry.
SPITTING COBRA, noun. Any of various cobras of the genus Naja that can spit venom.
SPITTING COBRAS, noun. Plural of spitting cobra
SPITTING DISTANCE, noun. (idiomatic) A short distance.
SPITTING DISTANCES, noun. Plural of spitting distance
SPITTING FEATHERS, verb. Present participle of spit feathers
SPITTING IMAGE, noun. (colloquial) The exact likeness (of someone).
SPITTING IMAGES, noun. Plural of spitting image
SPITTING NAILS, verb. Present participle of spit nails
SPITTING SPIDER, noun. Any spider from the family Scytodidae. These spiders catch their prey by spitting an immobilizing fluid at them.
SPITTING SPIDERS, noun. Plural of spitting spider

Dictionary definition

SPITTING, noun. The act of spitting (forcefully expelling saliva).

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