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CALENDAR, noun. Any system by which time is divided into days, weeks, months, and years.
CALENDAR, noun. A means to determine the date consisting of a document containing dates and other temporal information.
CALENDAR, noun. A list of planned events.
CALENDAR, noun. An orderly list or enumeration of persons, things, or events; a schedule.
CALENDAR, verb. (legal) To set a date for a proceeding in court, usually done by a judge at a calendar call.
CALENDAR, verb. To enter or write in a calendar; to register.
CALENDAR CALL, noun. (legal) A hearing at which a judge will require all attorneys with cases pending before the court to appear so that the court may schedule hearings and trials.
CALENDAR CALLS, noun. Plural of calendar call
CALENDAR DAY, noun. (legal) A timespan of exactly 24 hours, measured from one midnight to the next.
CALENDAR DAY, noun. A day having a conventional designation on a recognized calendar, such as a numerical identification within a named month.
CALENDAR METHOD, noun. A rhythm method of natural birth control.
CALENDAR MONTH, noun. The period of duration from the same date of one month to the same date of the next month, and thus can be 28, 29 during a leap year, 30 or 31 days long. For example the duration from 21st January to 20th February.
CALENDAR MONTHS, noun. Plural of calendar month
CALENDAR SPREAD, noun. (finance) an options strategy or position involving the simultaneous purchase and sale of options of the same class and strike price but with different expiration dates
CALENDAR SPREADS, noun. Plural of calendar spread
CALENDAR YEAR, noun. The amount of time between the beginning of the first day of January and the end of the last day of December in the Gregorian calendar. (365 days, or 366 in a leap year.)
CALENDAR YEAR, noun. The amount of time between corresponding dates in adjacent years in any calendar.
CALENDAR YEARS, noun. Plural of calendar year

Dictionary definition

CALENDAR, noun. A system of timekeeping that defines the beginning and length and divisions of the year.
CALENDAR, noun. A list or register of events (appointments or social events or court cases etc); "I have you on my calendar for next Monday".
CALENDAR, noun. A tabular array of the days (usually for one year).
CALENDAR, verb. Enter into a calendar.

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