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MONGOL, proper noun. A person from Mongolia; a Mongolian.
MONGOL, proper noun. A member of any of the various Mongol ethnic groups living in The Mongolian People's Republic, the (former) USSR, Tibet and Nepal.
MONGOL, proper noun. (offensive) (usually mongol) A person with Down's syndrome.
MONGOL, proper noun. A member of the nomadic people from the steppes of central Asia who invaded Europe in the 13th Century. The mongol Empire stretched from the Eastern seas of China to the gates of Vienna.
MONGOL EMPIRE, proper noun. An empire of the Mongols and Turkic peoples which existed in Asia from 1206 to 1368 and became the largest contiguous land empire in human history, stretching from Central Europe east to the Sea of Japan and from Siberia south to the Indian subcontinent and the Middle East.

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MONGOL, noun. A member of the nomadic peoples of Mongolia.
MONGOL, adjective. Of or relating to the region of Mongolia or its people or their languages or cultures; "the Mongol invaders"; "a Mongolian pony"; "Mongolian syntax strongly resembles Korean syntax".

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