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INVASION, noun. A military action consisting of armed forces of one geopolitical entity entering territory controlled by another such entity, generally with the objective of conquering territory or altering the established government.
INVASION, noun. The entry without consent of an individual or group into an area where they are not wanted.
INVASION, noun. (medicine) The spread of cancer cells, bacteries and such to the organism.
INVASION, noun. (surgery) The breaching of the skin barrier.
INVASION MONEY, noun. (historical) (WW2) Currency issued by the Japanese government for use in its occupied territories.
INVASION STRIPES, noun. (historical) (aviation) A series of alternating black and white stripes painted on the fuselages and wings of Allied aircraft, for the purpose of increased recognition by friendly forces, prior to the invasion of western Europe on D-Day.

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INVASION, noun. The act of invading; the act of an army that invades for conquest or plunder.
INVASION, noun. Any entry into an area not previously occupied; "an invasion of tourists"; "an invasion of locusts".
INVASION, noun. (pathology) the spread of pathogenic microorganisms or malignant cells to new sites in the body; "the tumor's invasion of surrounding structures".

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