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NAPOLEON, proper noun. Napoleon Bonaparte.
NAPOLEON, proper noun. A male given name sometimes given in honor of the French emperor.
NAPOLEON, noun. Alternative form of napoleon (old twenty-franc gold coin)
NAPOLEON, noun. The foremost authority or leader in a given field
NAPOLEON, noun. (uncountable) The card game nap
NAPOLEON, noun. (historical) A kind of topboot of the mid-19th century.
NAPOLEON, noun. A kind of cigar, about seven inches long.
NAPOLEON, noun. A Napoleon gun.
NAPOLEON, noun. A gold coin worth twenty francs issued by Napoleon I; a twenty-franc coin.
NAPOLEON, noun. A kind of pastry of French origin.
NAPOLEON COMPLEX, noun. (pejorative) aggressive or domineering behaviour, claimed to be a form of psychological compensation for one's short physical stature
NAPOLEON COMPLEXES, noun. Plural of Napoleon complex
NAPOLEON SYNDROME, noun. Synonym of Napoleon complex.

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NAPOLEON, noun. French general who became emperor of the French (1769-1821).
NAPOLEON, noun. A rectangular piece of pastry with thin flaky layers and filled with custard cream.
NAPOLEON, noun. A card game similar to whist; usually played for stakes.

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