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AMERICAN, noun. Originally, a native or inhabitant of the British North American colonies of European descent; now, a person born in, or a citizen or inhabitant of, the United States of America. [from 17th c.]
AMERICAN, noun. An indigenous inhabitant of the Americas; an American Indian. (Now chiefly with qualifying word.) [from 16th c.]
AMERICAN, noun. An inhabitant of the Americas. More often this is specified as either North American, Central American or South American.
AMERICAN, noun. (uncountable) (US printing) (rare) (dated) A size of type smaller than German, 1-point type.
AMERICAN, proper noun. The English language as spoken in the USA; American English.
AMERICAN, adjective. Of or pertaining to the Americas. More often this is specified as either "North American" or "South American."
AMERICAN, adjective. Of, from, or pertaining to the United States of America, its people or its culture.
AMERICAN AIRLINES, noun. (poker slang) A pair of aces as a starting hand in Texas hold 'em, double-A, or "AA", the two-letter code for American Airlines.
AMERICAN ALLIGATOR, noun. An alligator of a species native to the southeastern United States, Alligator mississippiensis.
AMERICAN ALLIGATORS, noun. Plural of American alligator
AMERICAN ALOE, noun. Agave americana, an ornamental flowering plant.
AMERICAN ALOES, noun. Plural of American aloe
AMERICAN AS APPLE PIE, adjective. (US) (simile) Having characteristics considered quintessential to American life; very American.
AMERICAN BADGER, noun. Taxidea taxus, a species of badger native to North America.
AMERICAN BADGERS, noun. Plural of American badger
AMERICAN BASSWOOD, noun. A type of linden, native to eastern North America, Tilia americana.
AMERICAN BASSWOODS, noun. Plural of American basswood
AMERICAN BEAVER, noun. (uncountable) A species of beaver, Castor canadensis, native of North America.
AMERICAN BEAVER, noun. (countable) An individual of this species.
AMERICAN BEAVERS, noun. Plural of American beaver
AMERICAN BEECH, noun. A native American beech; Fagus grandifolia.
AMERICAN BISON, noun. A bovine mammal, a species of bison, Bison bison.
AMERICAN BISONS, noun. Plural of American bison
AMERICAN BITTERN, noun. A medium-sized bittern most commonly found in North America, Botaurus lentiginosus, known for its resounding calls.
AMERICAN BITTERNS, noun. Plural of American bittern
AMERICAN BLACK BEAR, noun. A bear of the species Ursus americanus, native to cooler climates in North America.
AMERICAN BLACK VULTURE, noun. A black vulture, Coragyps atratus.
AMERICAN BLACK VULTURES, noun. Plural of American black vulture
AMERICAN BOBTAIL, noun. A short-haired domestic cat breed originating in the United States. The breed has a genetic mutation, which caused a short tail.
AMERICAN BOBTAILS, noun. Plural of American Bobtail
AMERICAN BREAKFAST, noun. A hotel breakfast typically including eggs, toast, cereal, and bacon or sausages.
AMERICAN BREAKFASTS, noun. Plural of American breakfast
AMERICAN BROOK CHAR, noun. The brook trout, a fish of the species Salvelinus fontinalis, native to Eastern North America in the United States and Canada.
AMERICAN BROOK CHARR, noun. Alternative form of American brook char
AMERICAN BULLDOG, noun. A medium-sized breed of domestic dog.
AMERICAN BULLDOGS, noun. Plural of American Bulldog
AMERICAN CHAMELEON, noun. An arboreal lizard native to the southeastern US, Anolis carolinensis, best known for its ability to change skin color in the same manner as a chameleon
AMERICAN CHAMELEONS, noun. Plural of American chameleon
AMERICAN CHEESE, noun. A common processed cheese, orange, yellow, or white in colour and mild in flavour, with a medium-firm consistency.
AMERICAN CIVIL WAR, proper noun. A war fought in the United States between 1861 and 1865, between the Northern states (Union) and Southern states (Confederacy).
AMERICAN COCKER SPANIEL, noun. An AKC registered breed of sporting dog, ranging between 18-30 lbs., originally bred in Britain as the English Cocker Spaniel for the sport of Cocking, or bird hunting. Breed divided by colors : Black, Sable, Parti, Tri, and ASCOB [Any Solid Color Other than Black].
AMERICAN COCKER SPANIELS, noun. Plural of American cocker spaniel
AMERICAN COCKROACH, noun. The palmetto bug, Periplaneta americana.
AMERICAN COCKROACHES, noun. Plural of American cockroach
AMERICAN CORDILLERA, proper noun. A chain of mountain ranges (cordillera) that consists of an almost continuous sequence of mountain ranges that form the western "backbone" of North America, Central America, South America and Antarctica
AMERICAN CURL, noun. A short-hair or semi-longhair domestic cat breed originating in the United States. This breed displays distinctive backward curling ears.
AMERICAN CURLS, noun. Plural of American Curl
AMERICAN DREAM, noun. (idiomatic) A widespread determination by Americans to provide their children with a better upbringing than their parents were able to provide for them.
AMERICAN DREAM, noun. (idiomatic) A philosophy that with hard work, courage and determination, anyone can prosper and achieve success.
AMERICAN DUN-BAR, noun. A species of moth, Cosmia calami, endemic to parts of North America.
AMERICAN DUN-BARS, noun. Plural of American dun-bar
AMERICAN EAGLE, noun. A species of eagle, Haliaeetus leucocephalus, native to North America and notable for its white head plumage.
AMERICAN EAGLES, noun. Plural of American eagle
AMERICAN EMPIRE, proper noun. The United States of America.
AMERICAN ENGLISH, proper noun. The form of the English language that is chiefly used in the United States, contrasted with British English and that of other places.
AMERICAN ENGLISH, proper noun. The form of the English language that is chiefly used in North America, contrasted with British English and that of other places.
AMERICAN ENGLISH, adjective. Of or relating to, or spoken or written in American English.
AMERICAN FOOTBALL, proper noun. A game similar to rugby football in which two teams attempt to get an ovoid ball into each other's territory.
AMERICAN FORGE, noun. A forge for the direct production of wrought iron, differing from the old Catalan forge mainly in using finely crushed ore and working continuously.
AMERICAN GINSENG, noun. Panax quinquefolius, source of an herb used in traditional Chinese medicine as a tonic.
AMERICAN GOLDEN PLOVER, noun. A medium-sized, migratory plover of the Americas, Pluvialis dominica.
AMERICAN GOLDEN PLOVERS, noun. Plural of American golden plover
AMERICAN HOLLIES, noun. Plural of American holly
AMERICAN HOLLY, noun. A species of holly, Ilex opaca, native to the eastern United States.
AMERICAN HORNBEAM, noun. A common name for Carpinus caroliniana, a species of deciduous tree.
AMERICAN HORNBEAM, noun. (uncountable) The wood of this species.
AMERICAN HORNBEAM, noun. (countable) A tree of this species.
AMERICAN HORNBEAMS, noun. Plural of American hornbeam
AMERICAN INDIAN, noun. A member of some indigenous peoples of the Americas, especially the United States, but excluding the Inuit, Yupik, and Aleuts.
AMERICAN INDIAN, noun. (Canada) An indigenous person from the United States.
AMERICAN INDIAN, adjective. Relating to the indigenous peoples of the Americas or their languages.
AMERICAN INDIANS, proper noun. Plural of American Indian
AMERICAN IVY, noun. Virginia creeper
AMERICAN JAY, noun. Any of several species of jays in several genera native to the Western hemisphere.
AMERICAN JAYS, noun. Plural of American jay
AMERICAN KESTREL, noun. Any of a species of small falcon, Falco sparverius; a kestrel.
AMERICAN KESTRELS, noun. Plural of American kestrel
AMERICAN KEUDA, noun. A domestic cat provisional breed originating in the United States.
AMERICAN KEUDAS, noun. Plural of American Keuda
AMERICAN LAUREL, noun. A flowering shrub, native to the eastern United States Kalmia latifolia
AMERICAN LAURELS, noun. Plural of American laurel
AMERICAN LEAGUE, proper noun. (baseball) The younger of the two professional baseball leagues within Major League Baseball.
AMERICAN LION, noun. (dated) The puma or cougar.
AMERICAN LION, noun. Panthera leo atrox or Panthera atrox, an extinct lion endemic to North America and northwestern South America during the Pleistocene epoch.
AMERICAN LIONS, noun. Plural of American lion
AMERICAN LONGHAIR, noun. Synonym of Maine Coon (a breed of cat)
AMERICAN LONGHAIRS, noun. Plural of American longhair
AMERICAN MINK, noun. (uncountable) A species of small mustelid, Mustela vison, that lives near water.
AMERICAN MINK, noun. (countable) An animal of that species.
AMERICAN MINKS, noun. Plural of American mink
AMERICAN NIGHT HERON, noun. Nyctanassa violacea, a fairly small heron found in the Americas, especially warmer coastal regions.
AMERICAN OPTION, noun. (finance) an option that can be exercised at any date between the issue date and the expiry date.
AMERICAN OPTIONS, noun. Plural of American option
AMERICAN OSTRICH, noun. (dated) rhea
AMERICAN OSTRICHES, noun. Plural of American ostrich
AMERICAN PAINTED LADIES, noun. Plural of American painted lady
AMERICAN PAINTED LADY, noun. The butterfly Vanessa virginiensis.
AMERICAN PERCH, noun. A fish of the species Perca flavescens, native to eastern and central North America.
AMERICAN PIE, adjective. Having the attributes associated uniquely or primarily with Americans.
AMERICAN PLAN, noun. (travel) a hotel rate that includes accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner
AMERICAN PLANETREE, noun. A species of large tree native to eastern North America and planted elsewhere, Platanus occidentalis
AMERICAN POKEWEED, noun. Phytolacca americana, pokeweed.
AMERICAN QUOTATION, noun. A system of quotation, preferred by most American publishers and most fiction publishers, wherein: a) double quotation marks are used for quotations and most other purposes, while single quotation marks are used for quotations within quotations; and b) terminal punctuation marks are enclosed within a quotation (and within most other uses of quotation marks) even if not part of the original material being quoted. Also frequently used in Canada. Various exceptions may be made by publishers that normally adhere to this style (see next two entries). It is the opposite of Oxford quotation in both respects.
AMERICAN QUOTATION, noun. (In a narrower context.) A system of quotation wherein double quotation marks are used for quotations and most other purposes, while single quotation marks are used for quotations within quotations. Despite this label, it is actually used in much non-US journalism and fiction. Exceptions include the use of single quotes for, e.g., glosses in linguistics, the names of cultivars in botany, terms of art in philosophy, etc.
AMERICAN QUOTATION, noun. (In a narrower context.) Synonym of typesetters' quotation. A system of quotation wherein terminal punctuation marks are enclosed within a quotation (and within most other uses of quotation marks) even if not part of the original material being quoted. Despite this label, it is actually used in some non-US and non-UK journalism, as well as much non-US fiction. (See typesetters' quotation for additional details, including usage notes, and additional exceptions for computer source code and commands, and for textual criticism.)
AMERICAN REVOLUTIONARY WAR, proper noun. The American Revolution
AMERICAN ROBIN, noun. A New World passerine bird; Turdus migratorius.
AMERICAN ROBINS, noun. Plural of American robin
AMERICAN SADDLEBRED, noun. A breed of horse that originated in Kentucky by crossing Thoroughbreds, Morgans and Standardbreds
AMERICAN SADDLEBREDS, noun. Plural of American Saddlebred
AMERICAN SAMOA, proper noun. A US overseas territory in Oceania. Official name: Territory of American Samoa.
AMERICAN SAMOAN, noun. A person from American Samoa or of American Samoan descent.
AMERICAN SAMOAN, adjective. Of, from, or pertaining to American Samoa or its people.
AMERICAN SAMOANS, noun. Plural of American Samoan
AMERICAN SHORTHAIR, noun. A large, short-haired domestic cat breed originating in the United States.
AMERICAN SHORTHAIRS, noun. Plural of American Shorthair
AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE, proper noun. A language that uses hands, facial expressions, and other bodily behavior to communicate both concrete and abstract ideas; some signs are based on English words, but ASL syntax and grammar are not based on English. ISO 639-3 code: ase.
AMERICAN SOUTH, proper noun. An expansive region encompassing the southeastern and south-central part of the United States, typically defined as including the states of Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, West Virginia, and Virginia.
AMERICAN SPANISH, proper noun. The standardized, generalized, and American English influenced dialect of the Spanish language used in the United States of America and its regional varieties.
AMERICAN SPELLING, noun. (uncountable) The preferred manner of English spelling in the United States.
AMERICAN SPELLING, noun. (countable) Such a spelling.
AMERICAN SPELLINGS, noun. Plural of American spelling
AMERICAN STANDARD CODE FOR INFORMATION INTERCHANGE, proper noun. (computing) A 7-bit character set and character encoding, abbreviated ASCII. Based on the Roman alphabet as used in modern English, the code is employed almost universally on computing machinery.
AMERICAN STUDIES, noun. (humanities) an interdisciplinary field dealing with the study of the Americas, with a historical emphasis upon the United States, It traditionally incorporating the study of history, literature, and critical theory, but also includes fields as diverse as law, art, the media, film, religious studies, urban studies, women's studies, gender studies, anthropology, sociology, foreign policy and culture of the United States, among others
AMERICAN SWEETGUM, noun. A deciduous tree native to warm temperate areas of eastern North America, Liquidambar styraciflua.
AMERICAN SWEETGUMS, noun. Plural of American sweetgum
AMERICAN SYCAMORE, noun. A species of large tree native to eastern North America and planted elsewhere, Platanus occidentalis
AMERICAN THANKSGIVING, proper noun. (chiefly non-US) Thanksgiving Day, an American holiday celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November.
AMERICAN TIGER, noun. (archaic) puma
AMERICAN TIGER, noun. (archaic) jaguar
AMERICAN TIGERS, noun. Plural of American tiger
AMERICAN WHITE BIRCH, noun. Paper birch, Betula papyrifera
AMERICAN WIDGEON, noun. A species of duck, Anas americana.
AMERICAN WIDGEONS, noun. Plural of American widgeon
AMERICAN WILD PLUM, noun. Prunus americana, native to eastern North America.
AMERICAN WINTERBERRY, noun. Ilex verticillata; a species of holly native to eastern North America in the United States and southeast Canada, from Newfoundland west to Ontario and Minnesota, and south to Alabama.
AMERICAN WIRE GAUGE, noun. (US) A standard for the measurement of the diameter of wire, especially of non-ferrous, electrically conducting wire.
AMERICAN WIREHAIR, noun. A large, domestic cat breed with extraordinarily hard and wiry fur, originating in United States.
AMERICAN WIREHAIRS, noun. Plural of American Wirehair
AMERICAN WOODCOCK, noun. A North American shorebird, Scolopax minor

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AMERICAN, noun. A native or inhabitant of the United States.
AMERICAN, noun. The English language as used in the United States.
AMERICAN, noun. A native or inhabitant of a North American or Central American or South American country.
AMERICAN, adjective. Of or relating to the United States of America or its people or language or culture; "American citizens"; "American English"; "the American dream".
AMERICAN, adjective. Of or relating to or characteristic of the continents and islands of the Americas; "the American hemisphere"; "American flora and fauna".

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