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MEMBER, noun. One who officially belongs to a group.
MEMBER, noun. A part of a whole.
MEMBER, noun. Part of an animal capable of performing a distinct office; an organ; a limb.
MEMBER, noun. The penis.
MEMBER, noun. (logic) One of the propositions making up a syllogism.
MEMBER, noun. (set theory) An element of a set.
MEMBER, noun. (computing) (programming) In object-oriented programming, a function or piece of data associated with each separate instance of a class.
MEMBER, noun. (AU) (law) the judge or adjudicator in a consumer court.
MEMBER, noun. A part of a discourse or of a period, sentence, or verse; a clause.
MEMBER, noun. (math) Either of the two parts of an algebraic equation, connected by the equality sign.
MEMBER, verb. (obsolete outside dialects) To remember.
MEMBER, verb. (obsolete) To cause to remember; to mention.
MEMBER FIELD, noun. (software) (object-oriented) Synonym of member variable.
MEMBER FIELDS, noun. Plural of member field
MEMBER FOR BARKSHIRE, noun. (idiomatic) (1811) (rare) A person who has a cough which causes them to sound as if they are barking.
MEMBER FUNCTION, noun. (programming) A function that is part of a class definition.
MEMBER FUNCTIONS, noun. Plural of member function
MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT, noun. A representative elected by the voters of an electoral district to the lower house of a parliament.
MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT’S LEGISLATIVE MOTION, noun. (legal) (British) A private member's bill.
MEMBER OF STAFF, noun. An employee in an organisation
MEMBER STATE, noun. A sovereign state which is a member of some kind of confederation of other such states.
MEMBER STATES, noun. Plural of member state
MEMBER VARIABLE, noun. (software) (object-oriented) A variable that is associated with a class and can be accessed from all its methods.
MEMBER VARIABLES, noun. Plural of member variable

Dictionary definition

MEMBER, noun. One of the persons who compose a social group (especially individuals who have joined and participate in a group organization); "only members will be admitted"; "a member of the faculty"; "she was introduced to all the members of his family".
MEMBER, noun. Anything that belongs to a set or class; "snakes are members of the class Reptilia"; "members of the opposite sex".
MEMBER, noun. An external body part that projects from the body; "it is important to keep the extremities warm".
MEMBER, noun. An organization that is a member of another organization (especially a state that belongs to a group of nations); "the library was a member of the interlibrary loan association"; "Canada is a member of the United Nations".
MEMBER, noun. The male organ of copulation (`member' is a euphemism).

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