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ENDORSEMENT, noun. The act or quality of endorsing
ENDORSEMENT, noun. An amendment or added notation to an insurance contract or other official document (such as a driving licence).
ENDORSEMENT, noun. (aviation) An instructor's signed acknowledgement of time practising specific flying skills.
ENDORSEMENT, noun. (education) (certification) Permission to carry out a specific skill or application in a field in which the practitioner already has a general licence.
ENDORSEMENT, noun. Sponsorship, in means of money, by a company, business or enterprise.
ENDORSEMENT, noun. Support from an important, renowned figure of a media (celebrity, politics, sports, etc.), to get back up.

Dictionary definition

ENDORSEMENT, noun. A promotional statement (as found on the dust jackets of books); "the author got all his friends to write blurbs for his book".
ENDORSEMENT, noun. A speech seconding a motion; "do I hear a second?".
ENDORSEMENT, noun. Formal and explicit approval; "a Democrat usually gets the union's endorsement".
ENDORSEMENT, noun. A signature that validates something; "the cashier would not cash the check without an endorsement".
ENDORSEMENT, noun. The act of endorsing; "a star athlete can make a lot of money from endorsements".

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