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PROPER, adjective. (heading) Suitable.
PROPER, adjective. Suited or acceptable to the purpose or circumstances; fit, suitable. [from 13thc.]
PROPER, adjective. Following the established standards of behavior or manners; correct or decorous. [from 18thc.]
PROPER, adjective. (heading) Possessed, related.
PROPER, adjective. (grammar) Used to designate a particular person, place, or thing. Proper words are usually written with an initial capital letter. [from 14thc.]
PROPER, adjective. Pertaining exclusively to a specific thing or person; particular. [from 14thc.]
PROPER, adjective. (archaic) Belonging to oneself or itself; own. [from 14thc.]
PROPER, adjective. (heraldry) Portrayed in natural or usual coloration, as opposed to conventional tinctures. [from 16thc.]
PROPER, adjective. (mathematics) (physics) Eigen-; designating a function or value which is an eigenfunction or eigenvalue. [from 20thc.]
PROPER, adjective. (heading) Accurate, strictly applied.
PROPER, adjective. Excellent, of high quality; such as the specific person or thing should ideally be. (Now often merged with later senses.) [from 14thc.]
PROPER, adjective. (now regional) Attractive, elegant. [from 14thc.]
PROPER, adjective. (often postpositive) In the very strictest sense of the word. [from 14thc.]
PROPER, adjective. (now colloquial) Utter, complete. [from 15thc.]
PROPER, adverb. (Scotland) properly; thoroughly; completely
PROPER, adverb. (nonstandard) (slang) properly
PROPER ACCELERATION, noun. (physics) The acceleration felt by an object, as opposed to the coordinate acceleration. For example the acceleration of an object at the surface of the Earth is 9.81 m/s^2 upwards, but has no coordinate acceleration. The proper acceleration of an object is Lorentz invariant.
PROPER ADJECTIVE, noun. (grammar) An adjective derived from a proper noun, such as British derived from Britain.
PROPER ADJECTIVES, noun. Plural of proper adjective
PROPER CLASS, noun. (mathematics) a class which is not a set
PROPER CLASSES, noun. Plural of proper class
PROPER FRACTION, noun. (arithmetic) A vulgar fraction in which the magnitude of the numerator is less than or equal to that of the denominator, such as 2/3.
PROPER FRACTIONS, noun. Plural of proper fraction
PROPER JOB, adjective. (UK) (West Country) Something performed well.
PROPER JOB, adjective. Respectable employment.
PROPER JOB, interjection. (UK) (West Country) Good work; well done.
PROPER MOTION, noun. (astronomy) The change in apparent position of a celestial body due to that body's velocity relative to the Sun.
PROPER NAME, noun. A proper noun.
PROPER NAME, noun. A phrase that names a specific object.
PROPER NAMES, noun. Plural of proper name
PROPER NOUN, noun. A noun denoting a particular person, place, organization, ship, animal, event, or other individual entity.
PROPER NOUNHOOD, noun. (rare) The quality of being a proper noun.
PROPER NOUNS, noun. Plural of proper noun
PROPER SUBSET, noun. (set theory) Of a set, a set that is a subset of the set but not equal to it.
PROPER TIME, noun. (physics) time as measured by a clock following a timelike world line
PROPER VALUE, noun. (historical) (linear algebra) An eigenvalue
PROPER VALUES, noun. Plural of proper value

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PROPER, adjective. Marked by suitability or rightness or appropriateness; "proper medical treatment"; "proper manners".
PROPER, adjective. Having all the qualities typical of the thing specified; "wanted a proper dinner; not just a snack"; "he finally has a proper job".
PROPER, adjective. Limited to the thing specified; "the city proper"; "his claim is connected with the deed proper".
PROPER, adjective. Appropriate for a condition or purpose or occasion or a person's character, needs; "everything in its proper place"; "the right man for the job"; "she is not suitable for the position".

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