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SADDLE, noun. A seat (tack) for a rider placed on the back of a horse or other animal
SADDLE, noun. An item of harness (harness saddle) placed on the back of a horse or other animal
SADDLE, noun. A seat on a bicycle, motorcycle etc
SADDLE, noun. A cut of meat that includes both loins and part of the backbone
SADDLE, noun. A low point, in the shape of a saddle, between two hills.
SADDLE, noun. (mining) A formation of gold-bearing quartz occurring along the crest of an anticlinal fold, especially in Australia.
SADDLE, noun. The raised floorboard in a doorway.
SADDLE, noun. (construction) A small tapered/sloped area structure that helps channel surface water to drains.
SADDLE, noun. (nautical) A block of wood, usually fastened to one spar and shaped to receive the end of another.
SADDLE, noun. (engineering) A part, such as a flange, which is hollowed out to fit upon a convex surface and serve as a means of attachment or support.
SADDLE, noun. The clitellus of an earthworm.
SADDLE, verb. To put a saddle on an animal.
SADDLE, verb. To get into a saddle.
SADDLE, verb. (idiomatic) To burden or encumber.
SADDLE, verb. (idiomatic) To give a responsibility to someone.
SADDLE BACK REEF, noun. (mineralogy) Alternative name for a saddle reef, a saddle-shaped bedded mineral vein in the form of an anticline or a syncline (an inverted saddle).
SADDLE BACK REEFS, noun. Plural of saddle back reef
SADDLE BAG, noun. Alternative spelling of saddlebag
SADDLE BAGS, noun. Plural of saddle bag
SADDLE BAR, noun. One of the small iron bars to which the lead panels of a glazed window are secured.
SADDLE BLANKET, noun. A blanket that is placed under a saddle; a numnah
SADDLE BLANKETS, noun. Plural of saddle blanket
SADDLE BOW, noun. The front part of the saddle that is arched up like a bow.
SADDLE BOWS, noun. Plural of saddle bow
SADDLE BROWN, noun. A medium brown colour, like that of a saddle.
SADDLE BROWN, adjective. Of a medium brown colour, like that of a saddle.
SADDLE CARBINE, noun. (firearms) a short carbine intended for use on horseback, typically with a very short barrel and a saddle ring.
SADDLE GRAFTING, noun. A method of grafting in which a scion with a deep cleft is grafted to a wedge-shaped stock
SADDLE HORN, noun. Part of a Western-saddle protruding from the shoulders, designed to hold a rope for stopping animals
SADDLE HORSE, noun. A horse that has been specially trained for riding, specifically the American Saddlebred.
SADDLE HORSES, noun. Plural of saddle horse
SADDLE JOINT, noun. In sheet-metal roofing, a joint formed by bending up the edge of a sheet and folding it downward over the turned-up edge of the next sheet.
SADDLE NOSE, noun. A loss of height of the nose because of the collapse of the bridge, associated with various kinds of nasal trauma.
SADDLE PAD, noun. A pad placed under a saddle on a horse. Like a saddle blanket but thicker.
SADDLE PADS, noun. Plural of saddle pad
SADDLE PAIN, noun. A painful bottom as a result of riding a mount or vehicle with (or without) a saddle
SADDLE PAINS, noun. Plural of saddle pain
SADDLE POINT, noun. A point in the range of a smooth function every neighborhood of which contains points on each side of its tangent plane.
SADDLE POINT, noun. (game theory) Such a point in the graphical representation of the possible outcomes of a game
SADDLE POINTS, noun. Plural of saddle point
SADDLE REEF, noun. (mineralogy) A mineral deposit associated with the crest of an anticlinal fold and following the bedding planes, usually found in vertical succession, especially the gold-bearing quartz veins of Australia.
SADDLE REEF, noun. (Australia) A saddle-shaped bedded mineral vein in the form of an anticline or a syncline (an inverted saddle).
SADDLE REEF, noun. (mineralogy) An opening at the crest of a sharp fold in sedimentary rocks, occupied by ore.
SADDLE REEFS, noun. Plural of saddle reef
SADDLE RING, noun. A small metal ring on the side of a firearm, allowing it to be hung on a saddle hook or attached to a lanyard.
SADDLE RINGS, noun. Plural of saddle ring
SADDLE ROOF, noun. Saddleback
SADDLE SEAT, noun. A slightly concave seat (used in a Windsor chair) that sometimes has a thick ridge in front
SADDLE SEAT, noun. A style of horseback riding, designed in the United States to show off a horse's gaits, especially the trot.
SADDLE SEATS, noun. Plural of saddle seat
SADDLE SHOE, noun. A shoe, resembling an oxford, which has a saddle of a leather or color different from the rest of the shoe.
SADDLE SHOES, noun. Plural of saddle shoe
SADDLE SOAP, noun. A soap which is used to clean, soften and condition leather, especially horse tack (hence its name).
SADDLE SORE, noun. A gall, a sore developed by a horse from an ill-fitting or ill-adjusted saddle.
SADDLE SORE, adjective. Pertaining to a horse with saddle sores, or to a rider who has been riding too long.
SADDLE SORES, noun. Plural of saddle sore
SADDLE STITCH, noun. A stitch in which the center of the fold is placed across the saddle of the stitcher and then wire staples are driven through and clinched on the inside.
SADDLE TREE, noun. The base on which the rest of the saddle is built. Usually based on wood or a similar synthetic material, It is eventually covered in leather or a leatherlike synthetic. The tree size determines its fit on the horse's back as well as the size of the seat for the rider.
SADDLE TREES, noun. Plural of saddle tree
SADDLE UP, verb. (intransitive) To set and cinch a saddle on a horse in preparation for riding.
SADDLE UP, verb. (transitive) To set and cinch a saddle in preparation for riding.
SADDLE VEIN, noun. (mineralogy) (Australia) A saddle-shaped bedded mineral vein in the form of an anticline or a syncline (an inverted saddle).
SADDLE VEINS, noun. Plural of saddle vein

Dictionary definition

SADDLE, noun. A seat for the rider of a horse or camel.
SADDLE, noun. A pass or ridge that slopes gently between two peaks (is shaped like a saddle).
SADDLE, noun. Cut of meat (especially mutton or lamb) consisting of part of the backbone and both loins.
SADDLE, noun. A piece of leather across the instep of a shoe.
SADDLE, noun. A seat for the rider of a bicycle.
SADDLE, noun. Posterior part of the back of a domestic fowl.
SADDLE, verb. Put a saddle on; "saddle the horses".
SADDLE, verb. Load or burden; encumber; "he saddled me with that heavy responsibility".
SADDLE, verb. Impose a task upon, assign a responsibility to; "He charged her with cleaning up all the files over the weekend".

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