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TIGHTEN, verb. (transitive) To make tighter.
TIGHTEN, verb. (intransitive) To become tighter.
TIGHTEN, verb. (economics) To make money harder to borrow or obtain.
TIGHTEN, verb. (economics) To raise short-term interest rates.
TIGHTEN ONE'S BELT, verb. (idiomatic) To be more frugal. To make difficult economic savings due to a lowering of expected income.
TIGHTEN THE PURSE STRINGS, verb. (idiomatic) (colloquial) To decrease spending or disallow increased spending; to increase control of spending.

Dictionary definition

TIGHTEN, verb. Make tight or tighter; "Tighten the wire".
TIGHTEN, verb. Become tight or tighter; "The rope tightened".
TIGHTEN, verb. Restrict; "Tighten the rules"; "stiffen the regulations".
TIGHTEN, verb. Narrow or limit; "reduce the influx of foreigners".

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