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DOWNHILL, adverb. Down a slope
DOWNHILL, adjective. Located down a slope or hill
DOWNHILL, adjective. Going down a slope or a hill
DOWNHILL, adjective. (by extension) easy
DOWNHILL, adjective. (by extension) deteriorating, getting worse
DOWNHILL, noun. (uncountable) The fastest of the disciplines of alpine skiing
DOWNHILL, noun. (countable) A rapid descent of a hill in related sports, especially in alpine skiing

Dictionary definition

DOWNHILL, noun. The downward slope of a hill.
DOWNHILL, noun. A ski race down a trail.
DOWNHILL, adverb. Toward a lower or inferior state; "your performance has been going downhill for a long time now".
DOWNHILL, adverb. Toward the bottom of a hill; "running downhill, he gained a lot of speed".
DOWNHILL, adjective. Sloping down rather steeply.

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