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MACE, noun. A heavy fighting club.
MACE, noun. A ceremonial form of this weapon.
MACE, noun. A long baton used by some drum majors to keep time and lead a marching band. If this baton is referred to as a mace, by convention it has a ceremonial often decorative head, which, if of metal, usually is hollow and sometimes intricately worked.
MACE, noun. An officer who carries a mace as an emblem of authority.
MACE, noun. A knobbed mallet used by curriers in dressing leather to make it supple.
MACE, noun. (archaic) A billiard cue.
MACE, verb. To hit someone or something with a mace.
MACE, noun. An old money of account in China equal to one tenth of a tael.
MACE, noun. An old weight of 57.98 grains.
MACE, noun. A spice obtained from the outer layer of the kernel of the fruit of the nutmeg.
MACE, noun. A common name for some types of tear gas.
MACE, noun. By extension, a common name for some types of pepper spray.
MACE, noun. By generalization, a name for personal tear gas and pepper spray.
MACE, verb. To spray in defense or attack with mace (pepper spray, or, tear gas) using a hand-held device.
MACE, verb. (informal) To spray a similar noxious chemical in defense or attack using an available hand-held device such as an aerosol spray can.
MACE, proper noun. Alternative letter-case form of mace (tear gas or pepper spray)
MACE HEAD, noun. The blunt ball or ornament on the top of a mace, usually made of metal.
MACE HEADS, noun. Plural of mace head

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MACE, noun. (trademark) a liquid that temporarily disables a person; prepared as an aerosol and sprayed in the face, it irritates the eyes and causes dizziness and immobilization.
MACE, noun. An official who carries a mace of office.
MACE, noun. Spice made from the dried fleshy covering of the nutmeg seed.
MACE, noun. A ceremonial staff carried as a symbol of office or authority.

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