Associations to the word «Resting»


RESTING, noun. The action of rest; repose; inactivity; reliance; confidence.
RESTING, noun. A place where one can rest; a resting-place.
RESTING, noun. A pause; a break; an interlude.
RESTING, adjective. That which rests; that which is not in action or in the process of growth.
RESTING, adjective. Unemployed.
RESTING, adjective. Remaining; stationary.
RESTING, verb. Present participle of rest
RESTING BITCH FACE, noun. (slang) (vulgar) (derogatory) An angry or unpleasant look that does not accurately reflect the way a person is feeling or that the person assumes when not consciously controlling their expression.
RESTING BITCH FACES, noun. Plural of resting bitch face
RESTING POTENTIAL, noun. (cytology) The nearly latent membrane potential of inactive cells.
RESTING SPORE, noun. A spore, in certain orders of algae, which remains quiescent, retaining its vitality, for long periods of time.
RESTING SPORES, noun. Plural of resting spore

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