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ARMOURED, adjective. Possessing armour.
ARMOURED, adjective. (military) Equipped with armoured vehicles.
ARMOURED, verb. Simple past tense and past participle of armour
ARMOURED CAR, noun. An armoured truck for transporting valuables.
ARMOURED CAR, noun. An automobile equipped with armour to protect important passengers.
ARMOURED CAR, noun. (military) A small wheeled armoured fighting vehicle.
ARMOURED CAR, noun. (law enforcement) An armoured vehicle resistant to small arms fire.
ARMOURED CARS, noun. Plural of armoured car
ARMOURED COMBAT VEHICLE, noun. (British spelling) (military) An armed and armoured military vehicle for fighting troops, which runs on wheels or caterpillar track.
ARMOURED COMBAT VEHICLES, noun. Plural of armoured combat vehicle
ARMOURED FIGHTING VEHICLE, noun. (military) An armed and armoured military vehicle which runs on wheels or caterpillar track, used by fighting troops.
ARMOURED PERSONNEL CARRIER, noun. (British spelling) Alternative spelling of armored personnel carrier
ARMOURED PERSONNEL CARRIERS, noun. Plural of armoured personnel carrier
ARMOURED TRAIN, noun. A railway train protected with armour
ARMOURED TRUCK, noun. A truck used to transfer valuables between locations, which possesses armour against light firearms
ARMOURED TRUCK, noun. Armoured car

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ARMOURED, adjective. Used of animals; provided with protective covering.
ARMOURED, adjective. Protected by armor (used of persons or things military).

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