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CONTINENTAL, adjective. Of or relating to a continent or continents.
CONTINENTAL, adjective. In the main part of a country or region, as opposed to on one of its islands.
CONTINENTAL, adjective. (chiefly in the UK) Characteristic of the style of continental Europe, as opposed to British.
CONTINENTAL, adjective. (US) (historical) Of or relating to the confederated colonies collectively, in the time of the Revolutionary War.
CONTINENTAL, noun. Someone from the continent.
CONTINENTAL, noun. (US) (historical) A member of the Continental army.
CONTINENTAL, noun. (US) (historical) Paper scrip (paper money) issued by the continental congress, largely worthless by the end of the war (hence the expression "not worth a continental")
CONTINENTAL, adjective. Alternative form of continental, continental European.
CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST, noun. A light breakfast, often as served in a hotel, usually consisting of cereal, juice, and pastries, but without any fried items.
CONTINENTAL BREAKFASTS, noun. Plural of continental breakfast
CONTINENTAL DIVIDE, noun. A line of elevated terrain that divides a watershed or a continent, so that water flowing on either side eventually travel to separate bodies of water.
CONTINENTAL DIVIDES, noun. Plural of continental divide
CONTINENTAL DRIFT, noun. (geology) The slow movement of continents explained by plate tectonics.
CONTINENTAL DRIP, noun. The phenomenon whereby southward-pointing landforms are more numerous and prominent than northward-pointing landforms.
CONTINENTAL GLACIER, noun. A very large glacial body; an ice sheet.
CONTINENTAL NAVY, proper noun. (nautical) The name of the United States Navy between 1775 and 1794.
CONTINENTAL PHILOSOPHY, noun. (philosophy) A collective term for various philosophical traditions strongly influenced by certain 19th and 20th century philosophers from mainland Europe, such as Hegel.
CONTINENTAL QUILT, noun. (UK) A duvet used in combination with other blankets.
CONTINENTAL QUILTS, noun. Plural of continental quilt
CONTINENTAL SHELF, noun. (nautical) The area of sea around a land mass where the depth gradually increases before it plunges into the ocean deeps
CONTINENTAL SHELVES, noun. Plural of continental shelf
CONTINENTAL SHIFT, noun. A type of work cycle, most commonly at a manufacturing plant or institution, with shifts worked four days in a row, followed by four days off in a row.
CONTINENTAL SHIFTS, noun. Plural of continental shift
CONTINENTAL SLOPE, noun. (geology) The steep, narrow fringe separating the coastal zone from the deep ocean
CONTINENTAL SLOPES, noun. Plural of continental slope
CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES, proper noun. (US) (geography) The largest portion of the United States which is not separated by any ocean or non-U.S. land; the United States exclusive of Alaska, Hawaii, and other overseas territories.
CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES, proper noun. (US) (geography) The portion of the United States which is located on the North American continent; the United States exclusive of Hawaii and other overseas territories.
CONTINENTAL US, proper noun. (US) (geography) continental United States

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CONTINENTAL, adjective. Of or pertaining to or typical of Europe; "a Continental breakfast".
CONTINENTAL, adjective. Of or relating to or concerning the American colonies during and immediately after the American Revolutionary War; "the Continental Army"; "the Continental Congress".
CONTINENTAL, adjective. Of or relating to or characteristic of a continent; "the continental divide"; "continental drift".
CONTINENTAL, adjective. Being or concerning or limited to a continent especially the continents of North America or Europe; "the continental United States"; "continental Europe"; "continental waters".

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