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SMOKY, adjective. Filled with or giving off smoke.
SMOKY, adjective. Of a colour or colour pattern similar to that of smoke.
SMOKY, adjective. Having a flavour like smoke.
SMOKY, adjective. (music) (informal) Having a dark, thick, bass sound.
SMOKY, adjective. (obsolete) Suspicious; open to suspicion.
SMOKY QUARTZ, noun. A brown to black variety of quartz.
SMOKY QUARTZES, noun. Plural of smoky quartz

Dictionary definition

SMOKY, adjective. Marked by or emitting or filled with smoke; "smoky rafters"; "smoky chimneys"; "a smoky fireplace"; "a smoky corridor".
SMOKY, adjective. Tasting of smoke; "smoky sausages".

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