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PERCUSSION, noun. (countable) the collision of two bodies in order to produce a sound
PERCUSSION, noun. (countable) the sound so produced
PERCUSSION, noun. (countable) the detonation of a percussion cap in a firearm
PERCUSSION, noun. (medicine) the tapping of the body as an aid to medical diagnosis
PERCUSSION, noun. (music) the section of an orchestra or band containing percussion instruments; such instruments considered as a group; in bands, may be separate from drum kits
PERCUSSION, noun. (engineering) the repeated striking of an object to break or shape it, as in percussion drilling
PERCUSSION BREAK, noun. (music) A percussion-focused segment of a song, chosen by a hip-hop DJ to manipulate through cutting, mixing and other techniques in order to create rhythmic music.
PERCUSSION BREAKS, noun. Plural of percussion break
PERCUSSION CAP, noun. A metal cap found on muzzleloading firearms that contains chemical substances such as fulminate that explode upon impact
PERCUSSION CAPS, noun. Plural of percussion cap
PERCUSSION IDIOPHONE, noun. (musical instrument) An idiophone that produces sound when it vibrates due to being struck by an object that does not vibrate; a xylophone-like instrument played percussively.
PERCUSSION IDIOPHONES, noun. Plural of percussion idiophone
PERCUSSION INSTRUMENT, noun. (music) An instrument in which the sound is produced by striking, scraping or shaking an object.
PERCUSSION INSTRUMENTS, noun. Plural of percussion instrument

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PERCUSSION, noun. The act of playing a percussion instrument.
PERCUSSION, noun. The act of exploding a percussion cap.
PERCUSSION, noun. The section of a band or orchestra that plays percussion instruments.
PERCUSSION, noun. Tapping a part of the body for diagnostic purposes.

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