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VOCAL, adjective. Of or pertaining to the voice or speech; having voice; endowed with utterance; full of voice, or voices
VOCAL, adjective. Uttered or modulated by the voice; oral; as, vocal melody; vocal prayer, vocal worship.
VOCAL, adjective. Of or pertaining to a vowel or voice sound; also, spoken with tone, intonation, and resonance; sonant; sonorous; -- said of certain articulate sounds
VOCAL, adjective. (phonetics) Consisting of, or characterized by, voice, or tone produced in the larynx, which may be modified, either by resonance, as in the case of the vowels, or by obstructive action, as in certain consonants, such as v, l, etc., or by both, as in the nasals , , ng; sonant; intonated; voiced. See voice, and vowel
VOCAL, adjective. (phonetics) Of or pertaining to a vowel; having the character of a vowel; vowel
VOCAL, adjective. Loud; getting oneself heard.
VOCAL, noun. (phonetics) A vocal sound; specifically, a purely vocal element of speech, unmodified except by resonance; a vowel or a diphthong; a tonic element; a tonic; -- distinguished from a subvocal, and a nonvocal
VOCAL, noun. (Roman Catholic Church) A man who has a right to vote in certain elections.
VOCAL CHORD, noun. The rare singular of vocal chords, notably used in anatomical and medical contexts
VOCAL CHORDS, noun. Misspelling of vocal cords.
VOCAL CORD, noun. (anatomy) Either of two pairs of folds of mucous membrane stretched horizontally across the human larynx whose vibrations help to produce the voice.
VOCAL CORD NODULE, noun. (pathology) Symmetrical swellings on both sides of the vocal cords, caused usually by strenuous or abusive voice practices, and symptomatized by hoarseness, pain when using one's voice, vocal breaks and reduced vocal range}}
VOCAL CORD NODULES, noun. Plural of vocal cord nodule
VOCAL CORDS, noun. (chiefly in the plural) Two folds of tissue located in the larynx that vibrate when air passes over them, producing the sound waves associated with talking and singing.
VOCAL FOLD, noun. (anatomy) vocal cord
VOCAL FRY, noun. A low creaky vocal vibration caused by rapid vibration of the vocal chords.
VOCAL SAC, noun. The flexible membrane of skin possessed by most male frogs, used for amplification of its voice.
VOCAL SACS, noun. Plural of vocal sac

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VOCAL, noun. Music intended to be performed by one or more singers, usually with instrumental accompaniment.
VOCAL, noun. A short musical composition with words; "a successful musical must have at least three good songs".
VOCAL, adjective. Relating to or designed for or using the singing voice; "vocal technique"; "the vocal repertoire"; "organized a vocal group to sing his compositions".
VOCAL, adjective. Having or using the power to produce speech or sound; "vocal organs"; "all vocal beings hymned their praise".
VOCAL, adjective. Given to expressing yourself freely or insistently; "outspoken in their opposition to segregation"; "a vocal assembly".
VOCAL, adjective. Full of the sound of voices; "a playground vocal with the shouts and laughter of children".

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