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GARAGE, noun. A building (or section of a building) used to store a car or cars, tools and other miscellaneous items.
GARAGE, noun. (chiefly British) (Canada) (Australia) (NZ) A place where cars are serviced and repaired.
GARAGE, noun. (chiefly British) (Canada) (Australia) (NZ) A petrol filling station.
GARAGE, noun. (dated) (20th century) (North America) An independent automobile repair shop.
GARAGE, noun. (aviation) A shed for housing an airship or aeroplane; a hangar.
GARAGE, noun. A side way or space in a canal to enable vessels to pass each other; a siding.
GARAGE, noun. (attributive) (music genre) A type of guitar rock music, personified by amateur bands playing in the basement or garage; garage rock.
GARAGE, noun. (British) (music genre) A type of electronic dance music related to house music, with warped and time-stretched sounds; UK garage.
GARAGE, verb. To store in a garage.
GARAGE BAND, noun. A band that plays garage rock music.
GARAGE BANDS, noun. Plural of garage band
GARAGE DOOR, noun. The large door on a garage that allows a vehicle to enter.
GARAGE DOOR OPENER, noun. An electronic device used to open a garage door.
GARAGE DOORS, noun. Plural of garage door
GARAGE PUNK, noun. (music genre) A genre of indie rock influenced by garage rock and hardcore punk.
GARAGE QUEEN, noun. An automobile kept carefully in very good condition and rarely driven.
GARAGE QUEENS, noun. Plural of garage queen
GARAGE ROCK, noun. (US) (music genre) A simple, relatively raw form of rock and roll from the mid-1960s.
GARAGE SALE, noun. A sale of used household goods in the driveway or garage of someone's home
GARAGE SALES, noun. Plural of garage sale

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GARAGE, noun. An outbuilding (or part of a building) for housing automobiles.
GARAGE, noun. A repair shop where cars and trucks are serviced and repaired.
GARAGE, verb. Keep or store in a garage; "we don't garage our car".

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