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MECHANIC, adjective. (archaic) mechanical; relating to the laws of motion in the art of constructing things
MECHANIC, adjective. (obsolete) Of or relating to a mechanic or artificer, or to the class of artisans; hence, rude; common; vulgar.
MECHANIC, adjective. (obsolete) base
MECHANIC, noun. A skilled worker capable of building or repairing machinery. A mechanic can be compared to a technician, the distinction being that the technician is stronger in theory, the mechanic stronger in hands-on experience.
MECHANIC ARTS, noun. (archaic) In the 19th century, this referred to engineering and other mechanical fields of expertise (comparable to performing arts and the fine arts).
MECHANIC ARTS, noun. (archaic)weaving, blacksmithing, war, navigation, agriculture, hunting, medicine, and the ars theatrica.

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MECHANIC, noun. A craftsman skilled in operating machine tools.
MECHANIC, noun. Someone whose occupation is repairing and maintaining automobiles.
MECHANIC, adjective. Resembling the action of a machine; "from blank to blank a threadless way I pushed mechanic feet"- Emily Dickenson.

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