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STATISTICAL, adjective. Of or pertaining to statistics.
STATISTICAL ANALYSIS, noun. The process of examining data to draw conclusions or insights, and determine cause-and-effect patterns between events; for example determining the safety and efficacy of new drugs by drawing out a probability as to whether the fact that a patient got better (or worse) was due to the drug or some other (perhaps random) factor.
STATISTICAL INFERENCE, noun. (statistics) Drawing conclusions about a population from a random sample drawn from it, or, more generally, about a random process from its observed behavior during a finite period of time.
STATISTICAL INFERENCES, noun. Plural of statistical inference
STATISTICAL MECHANICAL, adjective. (physics) Of, or relating to statistical mechanics.
STATISTICAL MECHANICS, noun. (physics) The branch of physics that uses statistical laws to make theoretical predictions about macroscopic systems of particles.
STATISTICAL POWER, noun. (statistics) The probability that a statistical test will reject a false null hypothesis, that is, that it will not make a type II error, producing a false negative.
STATISTICAL POWERS, noun. Plural of statistical power
STATISTICAL PROCESS CONTROL, noun. (statistics) A method of monitoring a process through the use of control charts.
STATISTICAL RANDOMNESS, noun. Informally, the property of a numeric sequence of containing no recognizable patterns or regularities; exemplified in the results of an ideal die roll, or the digits of π (as far as we can tell).
STATISTICAL REGION, noun. Any of twelve regions of Slovenia created in 2007 for administrative, legal and statistical purposes
STATISTICAL SEMANTICS, noun. (computational linguistics) The study of estimation of the meanings of words by looking at patterns of words in huge collections of texts, using statistical methods.
STATISTICAL SIGNIFICANCE, noun. (statistics) A measure of how unlikely it is that a result has occurred by chance.
STATISTICAL THERMODYNAMICS, noun. Thermodynamics that studies a thermodynamic system as an an ensemble of moving molecules, considering the macroscopic temperature as an average kinetic energy of the microscopic molecules.

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STATISTICAL, adjective. Of or relating to statistics; "statistical population".

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