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ROCKER, noun. A curved piece of wood attached to the bottom of a rocking chair or cradle that enables it to rock back and forth.
ROCKER, noun. Hence, a rocking chair
ROCKER, noun. (surfing) The lengthwise curvature of a surfboard. (More rocker is a more curved board.)
ROCKER, noun. Someone passionate about rock music.
ROCKER, noun. A musician who plays rock music.
ROCKER, noun. (informal) A rock music song.
ROCKER, noun. One who rocks something.
ROCKER, noun. (UK) A member of a British subculture of the 1960s, opposed to the mods, who dressed in black leather and were interested in 1950s music.
ROCKER, noun. Any implement or machine working with a rocking motion, such as a trough mounted on rockers for separating gold dust from gravel, etc., by agitation in water.
ROCKER, noun. A rocking horse.
ROCKER, noun. A skate with a curved blade, somewhat resembling in shape the rocker of a cradle.
ROCKER, noun. (engineering) A rock shaft.

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ROCKER, noun. An attendant who rocks a child in a cradle.
ROCKER, noun. A performer or composer or fan of rock music.
ROCKER, noun. A teenager or young adult in the 1960s who wore leather jackets and rode motorcycles.
ROCKER, noun. A chair mounted on rockers.
ROCKER, noun. A trough that can be rocked back and forth; used by gold miners to shake auriferous earth in water in order to separate the gold.
ROCKER, noun. An ice skate with a curved blade.
ROCKER, noun. A curved support that permits the supported object to rock to and fro.

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