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KITCHEN, noun. A room or area for preparing food.
KITCHEN, noun. An admixture of languages spoken to convey meaning between non-native speakers.
KITCHEN, noun. (African American Vernacular English) The nape of a person's hairline, often referring to its uncombed or "nappy" look.
KITCHEN, noun. Cuisine.
KITCHEN, noun. (music) The percussion section of an orchestra.
KITCHEN, noun. (dated) A utensil for roasting meat.
KITCHEN, proper noun. A surname​.
KITCHEN CABINET, noun. Built-in cabinet found in a kitchen.
KITCHEN CABINET, noun. (informal) An informal group of advisors to a country's chief executive, as distinguished from the official cabinet.
KITCHEN CABINETS, noun. Plural of kitchen cabinet
KITCHEN CAKE, noun. An undecorated wedding cake (or similar) designed to be cut into slices for distribution, with the individual servings matching those cut from the decorated cake (unless the decorated cake is a dummy cake).
KITCHEN DRESSER, noun. A kitchen cabinet.
KITCHEN GARDEN, noun. A garden used for growing fruit, vegetables and/or herbs for use in the kitchen.
KITCHEN GARDENS, noun. Plural of kitchen garden
KITCHEN HOOD, noun. An electrical kitchen device fitted over a cooker and connected to a flue designed to suck off any vapours from cooking.
KITCHEN KNIFE, noun. Any knife used for preparing food
KITCHEN KNIVES, noun. Plural of kitchen knife
KITCHEN PAPER, noun. (UK) Paper towels intended for kitchen purposes such as absorbing spillages and wrapping sandwiches.
KITCHEN ROLL, noun. Thick tissue paper used especially in kitchens for wiping up spills etc.
KITCHEN ROLLS, noun. Plural of kitchen roll
KITCHEN SINK, noun. Used other than as an idiom: see kitchen,‎ sink. A sink in a kitchen used for washing dishes and preparing food.
KITCHEN SINK, noun. (idiomatic) A miscellany or a miscellaneous item.
KITCHEN SINKS, noun. Plural of kitchen sink
KITCHEN SINKY, adjective. Alternative form of kitchen-sinky
KITCHEN STUFF, noun. (archaic) fat collected from pots and pans
KITCHEN SUPPER, noun. (dated) The evening meal served for servants, separate from the family's meal.
KITCHEN SUPPER, noun. An informal or semiformal meal served for guests, not necessarily one served in the kitchen.
KITCHEN SUPPERS, noun. Plural of kitchen supper
KITCHEN TABLE SOFTWARE, noun. (dated) (idiomatic) (computing) Especially in the early years of personal computers, a set of computer programs developed by an entrepreneurial advanced amateur or self-employed professional computer programmer in his or her own home; software developed by a small business using the services of such programmers.
KITCHEN TIMER, noun. A device that can be set for a number of minutes (usually up to one hour) that sounds an alarm such as a bell or buzzer when the specified amount of time has elapsed; commonly used when cooking or baking.
KITCHEN TIMERS, noun. Plural of kitchen timer
KITCHEN TOWEL, noun. Dish towel
KITCHEN TOWEL, noun. (countable) (UK) A sheet of kitchen paper.
KITCHEN TOWELS, noun. Plural of kitchen towel

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KITCHEN, noun. A room equipped for preparing meals.

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