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UPSTAIRS, adjective. Located higher up a building.
UPSTAIRS, adjective. (baseball) a pitched ball that is high, and usually outside the strike zone
UPSTAIRS, adverb. Up the stairs; on a higher floor or level.
UPSTAIRS, adverb. (colloquial) In the brain.
UPSTAIRS, adverb. (colloquial) In heaven, or any other place where a deity might be found.

Dictionary definition

UPSTAIRS, noun. The part of a building above the ground floor; "no one was allowed to see the upstairs".
UPSTAIRS, adverb. On a floor above; "they lived upstairs".
UPSTAIRS, adverb. With respect to the mind; "she's a bit weak upstairs".
UPSTAIRS, adjective. On or of upper floors of a building; "the upstairs maid"; "an upstairs room".

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