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PUB, noun. A public house where beverages, primarily alcoholic, may be bought and consumed and also provides food and sometimes entertainment, normally television viewing.
PUB, verb. (intransitive) To go to one or more public houses.
PUB, noun. A publication.
PUB, verb. (informal) (transitive) to publish
PUB CRAWL, noun. The visiting of a number of public houses in a single session
PUB CRAWLER, noun. Someone who participates in a pub crawl
PUB CRAWLS, noun. Plural of pub crawl
PUB GOLF, noun. A drinking game in which drinkers visit a number of pubs (analogous to the holes of a golf course) and attempt to consume a drink at each in the fewest sips possible (analogous to the number of strokes taken to sink the ball).
PUB QUIZ, noun. A quiz held in a public house.
PUB ROCK, noun. (music) (UK) (Australia) A kind of popular bluesy rock music, specifically an unrelated form of British and Australian music with a similar sound.

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PUB, noun. Tavern consisting of a building with a bar and public rooms; often provides light meals.

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