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FREQUENT, adjective. Done or occurring often; common.
FREQUENT, adjective. Occurring at short intervals.
FREQUENT, adjective. Addicted to any course of conduct; inclined to indulge in any practice; habitual; persistent.
FREQUENT, adjective. (obsolete) Full; crowded; thronged.
FREQUENT, adjective. (obsolete) Often or commonly reported.
FREQUENT, verb. (transitive) To visit often.
FREQUENT FLIER, noun. A person who flies frequently on commercial airliners
FREQUENT FLIER, noun. Someone who is habitually a nuisance.
FREQUENT FLIERS, noun. Plural of frequent flier

Dictionary definition

FREQUENT, verb. Do one's shopping at; do business with; be a customer or client of.
FREQUENT, verb. Be a regular or frequent visitor to a certain place; "She haunts the ballet".
FREQUENT, adjective. Coming at short intervals or habitually; "a frequent guest"; "frequent complaints".
FREQUENT, adjective. Frequently encountered; "a frequent (or common) error is using the transitive verb `lay' for the intransitive `lie'";.

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