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LOCAL, adjective. From or in a nearby location.
LOCAL, adjective. (computing) (of a variable or identifier) Having limited scope (either lexical or dynamic); only being accessible within a certain portion of a program.
LOCAL, adjective. (mathematics) (not comparable) (of a condition or state) Applying to each point in a space rather than the space as a whole.
LOCAL, adjective. (medicine) Of or pertaining to a restricted part of an organism.
LOCAL, adjective. Descended from an indigenous population.
LOCAL, noun. A person who lives nearby.
LOCAL, noun. A branch of a nationwide organization such as a trade union.
LOCAL, noun. (rail transport) A train that stops at all, or almost all, stations between its origin and destination, including very small ones.
LOCAL, noun. (British) One's nearest or regularly frequented public house or bar.
LOCAL, noun. (programming) A locally scoped identifier.
LOCAL, noun. (US) (slang) (journalism) An item of news relating to the place where the newspaper is published.
LOCAL ADMINISTRATIVE UNIT, noun. (Europe) (administration) (legal) In the European union, a low-level administrative division of a country, ranked below a province, region, or state.
LOCAL ANAESTHETIC, noun. Alternative spelling of local anesthetic
LOCAL ANAESTHETICS, noun. Plural of local anaesthetic
LOCAL ANESTHETIC, noun. (medicine) An anesthetic (anesthetic substance) that causes loss of sensation only to the area to which it is applied.
LOCAL ANESTHETICS, noun. Plural of local anesthetic
LOCAL AREA NETWORK, noun. (computing) An interconnection of computers that are in relatively close proximity to each other, such as within a building.
LOCAL AREA NETWORK, noun. (computing) A network on which all devices communicate using OSI model device layer addressing.
LOCAL AREA NETWORK, noun. (Internet) A network on which all communication is delivered by way of MAC addresses and that is not routed.
LOCAL AREA NETWORKS, noun. Plural of local area network
LOCAL ATTRACTION, noun. A magnetic attraction near a compass, causing its needle to deviate from its proper direction, especially on shipboard.
LOCAL BATTERIES, noun. Plural of local battery
LOCAL BATTERY, noun. In telegraphy, the source of power that actuates the telegraphic station recording instruments, as distinguished from the source of power that furnishes current to the line.
LOCAL BATTERY, noun. In telephony, a source of local power for a telephone instrument, as opposed to being powered from the central office.
LOCAL BUBBLE, proper noun. (astronomy) A region of interstellar space containing about one tenth the density of matter than the average for our galaxy.
LOCAL CELEBRITY, noun. A person who is known well in his or her local area, such as town, city, state, or county.
LOCAL CELL, noun. (physics) A very small galvanic cell formed by differences in potential between adjacent areas of a metal surface in contact with an electrolyte; implicated in surface corrosion
LOCAL CIRCUIT, noun. The circuit of the local battery.
LOCAL CLASS, noun. (software) (object-oriented) Synonym of anonymous class.
LOCAL CLASSES, noun. Plural of local class
LOCAL COLOR, noun. Aspects of a location that distinguish it from neighboring communities; the collective customs, mannerisms, fashions, artwork, accents or traditions of an area.
LOCAL DERBIES, noun. Plural of local derby
LOCAL DERBY, noun. A sports match between local rival teams.
LOCAL EXCHANGE CARRIER, noun. A company "that is engaged in the provision of telephone exchange service or exchange access" (except for wireless carriers, unless the FCC determines that the wireless carrier is to be included in the definition); that is, any local telephone company.
LOCAL EXCHANGE CARRIERS, noun. Plural of local exchange carrier
LOCAL FLUFF, proper noun. (astronomy) A relatively dense region of interstellar space (containing our Solar System) that formed where the Local Bubble met another bubble, the Loop I Bubble
LOCAL GIGANTISM, noun. A condition in which a certain part of the body acquires larger than normal size due to excessive growth of the anatomical structures or abnormal accumulation of substances.
LOCAL GIGANTISMS, noun. Plural of local gigantism
LOCAL GOVERNMENT, noun. Any form of government whose remit covers an area less than that of the nation and, in some cases, less than that of a state.
LOCAL GROUP, proper noun. (astronomy) the small cluster of galaxies that contains the Milky Way Galaxy; includes Andromeda, Triangulum, the Large Magellanic Cloud, Small Magellanic Cloud and others
LOCAL LANE, noun. (chiefly US) In a multi-lane controlled-access highway or expressway system, a lane which is physically separated from the (express) lane(s) closest to the median and which is intended for vehicles traveling relatively shorter distances, so that these vehicles may enter and exit the highway system without unduly interrupting the flow of traffic.
LOCAL MAXIMUM, noun. (mathematics) A maximum within a restricted domain, especially a point on a function whose value is greater than the values of all other points near it.
LOCAL MINIMUM, noun. (mathematics) A point on a graph (or its associated function) whose value is less than all other points near it.
LOCAL OPTION, noun. The ability of local political jurisdictions, typically counties or municipalities, to allow decisions on certain controversial issues, especially the sale of alcohol, based on popular vote within their borders.
LOCAL PREACHER, noun. (religion) A person who is not ordained but is appointed to lead Church services in some religious denominations.
LOCAL PREACHERS, noun. Plural of local preacher
LOCAL RING, noun. (algebra) A commutative ring with a unique maximal ideal, or a noncommutative ring with a unique maximal left ideal or (equivalently) a unique maximal right ideal.
LOCAL RING, noun. (networking) The non-routing segment of a token ring network.
LOCAL RINGS, noun. Plural of local ring
LOCAL SUPERCLUSTER, proper noun. (astronomy) The supercluster that includes the Milky Way galaxy.
LOCAL VARIABLE, noun. (programming) A variable that has local scope; accessible only in a limited part of a program, such as a single function.
LOCAL VARIABLES, noun. Plural of local variable
LOCAL VOLUME, proper noun. (astronomy) (cosmology) the volume of space around the Milky Way Galaxy out to a distance of approximately 10 megaparsecs or 35 million lightyears away or out to a cosmological redshift recessional radial velocity of 550km/s or z<0.002

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LOCAL, noun. Public transport consisting of a bus or train that stops at all stations or stops; "the local seemed to take forever to get to New York".
LOCAL, noun. Anesthetic that numbs a particular area of the body.
LOCAL, adjective. Relating to or applicable to or concerned with the administration of a city or town or district rather than a larger area; "local taxes"; "local authorities".
LOCAL, adjective. Of or belonging to or characteristic of a particular locality or neighborhood; "local customs"; "local schools"; "the local citizens"; "a local point of view"; "local outbreaks of flu"; "a local bus line".
LOCAL, adjective. Affecting only a restricted part or area of the body; "local anesthesia".

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