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COMMUNITY, noun. A group sharing a common understanding and often the same language, manners, tradition and law. See civilization.
COMMUNITY, noun. A commune, or residential or religious collective.
COMMUNITY, noun. The condition of having certain attitudes and interests in common.
COMMUNITY, noun. (ecology) A group of interdependent organisms inhabiting the same region and interacting with each other.
COMMUNITY, noun. (internet) A group of people interacting by electronic means for social, professional, educational or other purposes; a virtual community.
COMMUNITY, noun. (obsolete) Common possession or enjoyment; participation.
COMMUNITY, noun. (obsolete) common character; likeness.
COMMUNITY, noun. (obsolete) commonness; frequency
COMMUNITY CARD, noun. (poker) (chiefly in the plural) Any of the cards which appear on the board and can be a part of any player's hand.
COMMUNITY CARDS, noun. Plural of community card
COMMUNITY CHEST, noun. A fund financed privately, for helping various local welfare agencies or charitable organisations.
COMMUNITY CHESTS, noun. Plural of community chest
COMMUNITY COLLEGE, noun. (US) An educational institution providing college education granting certificates, diplomas, and Associates' degrees, but not higher level degrees. The name derives from the fact that community colleges primarily attract and accept students from the local community, and are often supported by the local community through property taxes. A junior college.
COMMUNITY COLLEGE, noun. (British) A secondary school, usually offering extended services of some sort.
COMMUNITY COLLEGES, noun. Plural of community college
COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT, noun. The practices and academic disciplines of civic leaders, activists, involved citizens and professionals to improve various aspects of local communities.
COMMUNITY INTEREST COMPANY, noun. (business) A type of non-profit organization in the UK.
COMMUNITY LANGUAGE, noun. (sociology) (linguistics) An unofficial language spoken by a minority of people.
COMMUNITY LANGUAGE, noun. Any of the official languages of the European Union.
COMMUNITY LANGUAGES, noun. Plural of community language
COMMUNITY LANGUAGES, noun. Plural of Community language
COMMUNITY NURSE, noun. (medicine) a nurse working in a team which provides health care to patients within their own homes.
COMMUNITY OF PRACTICE, noun. A group of people who share a craft and/or a profession.
COMMUNITY OWNED, adjective. (legal) of or pertaining to assets or organisations that are owned and controlled through some representative mechanism that allows a community to influence their operation or use and to enjoy the benefits arising.
COMMUNITY OWNERSHIP, noun. Group possession of an item or concept
COMMUNITY PROPERTY, noun. (legal) Property acquired during a marriage, excluding gifts and inheritances, that is owned jointly by both spouses and is divided upon divorce, annulment or death.
COMMUNITY PSYCHIATRIC NURSE, noun. A psychiatric nurse who works with clients outside of a hospital environment.
COMMUNITY PSYCHIATRIC NURSES, noun. Plural of community psychiatric nurse
COMMUNITY SERVICE, noun. Service or activity done for the benefit of the community at large, such as cleaning, fundraising, pro bono professional services, etc.
COMMUNITY SERVICE, noun. Such work done as alternative for a criminal penalty.
COMMUNITY SPIRIT, noun. Willingness to do deeds which benefit the community at large, such as community service.

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COMMUNITY, noun. A group of people living in a particular local area; "the team is drawn from all parts of the community".
COMMUNITY, noun. Common ownership; "they shared a community of possessions".
COMMUNITY, noun. A group of nations having common interests; "they hoped to join the NATO community".
COMMUNITY, noun. Agreement as to goals; "the preachers and the bootleggers found they had a community of interests".
COMMUNITY, noun. A district where people live; occupied primarily by private residences.
COMMUNITY, noun. (ecology) a group of interdependent organisms inhabiting the same region and interacting with each other.

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