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HORSESHOE, noun. The U-shaped metallic shoe of a horse.
HORSESHOE, noun. A U-shaped piece of metal used to play the game horseshoes.
HORSESHOE, noun. The U shape of a horseshoe.
HORSESHOE, noun. (bodybuilding) (slang) A well-developed set of triceps brachii muscles.
HORSESHOE, noun. (logic) The symbol ⊃.
HORSESHOE, verb. To apply horseshoes to a horse.
HORSESHOE BAT, noun. A bat of the genus Rhinolophus.
HORSESHOE CRAB, noun. A type of chelicerate arthropod, of the genus Limulus, resembling a crab.
HORSESHOE CRABS, noun. Plural of horseshoe crab
HORSESHOE MAP, noun. (mathematics) Any of a class of chaotic maps of the square into itself, used in the study of dynamical systems.
HORSESHOE MAPS, noun. Plural of horseshoe map
HORSESHOE SANDWICH, noun. An open-faced sandwich with meat topped with french fries and smothered with cheese sauce.
HORSESHOE THEORY, noun. (political science) The theory that the far left and the far right, rather than being at opposite ends of a political continuum, in fact closely resemble one another.

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HORSESHOE, noun. Game equipment consisting of an open ring of iron used in playing horseshoes.
HORSESHOE, noun. U-shaped plate nailed to underside of horse's hoof.
HORSESHOE, verb. Equip (a horse) with a horseshoe or horseshoes.

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