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LESSER, adjective. Comparative form of little: more little
LESSER, adjective. Of two things, the smaller in size, value, importance etc.
LESSER, noun. A thing that is of smaller size, value, importance etc.
LESSER ANTEATER, noun. A common term for tamandua.
LESSER ANTILLEAN, adjective. Of, from, or relating to, the Lesser Antilles
LESSER ANTILLEAN, noun. A person from the Lesser Antilles.
LESSER ANTILLES, proper noun. The smaller islands of the West Indies, to the south and east of Puerto Rico, in the Caribbean Sea.
LESSER ARCANA, noun. Minor Arcana
LESSER ARMENIA, proper noun. (historical) A region in the of upper reaches of Euphrates, northwest of Greater Armenia.
LESSER ARMENIA, proper noun. (historical) (non-standard) Synonym of Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia.
LESSER BILBY, noun. An extinct species of bilby, a rabbit-sized marsupial, Macrotis leucura, previously endemic to arid regions of central Australia.
LESSER CAUCASUS, proper noun. The second of the two main mountain ranges of Caucasus mountains, which runs parallel to the Greater Caucasus and limits the Armenian Highland from the North and North-East.
LESSER CELANDINE, noun. A European perennial herb, Ficaria verna, having heart-shaped leaves and solitary yellow flowers
LESSER CELANDINES, noun. Plural of lesser celandine
LESSER EID, proper noun. Eid al-Fitr
LESSER EVIL, noun. Given two bad choices the one that is less objectionable.
LESSER EVILISM, noun. The strategy or policy of choosing the lesser evil.
LESSER FLAMINGO, noun. The smaller of the two Old World species of flamingo, Phoenicopterus minor, found principally in the Great Rift Valley of Africa.
LESSER GALANGAL, noun. A plant related to galangal, Alpinia officinarum, with similar uses and flavor
LESSER GALANGAL, noun. (proscribed) Another related plant with similar uses and flavor, Kaempferia galanga.
LESSER GALANGAL, noun. (proscribed) Another related plant with similar uses and flavor, Boesenbergia rotunda.
LESSER INCLUDED OFFENCE, noun. (British spelling) Alternative form of lesser included offense
LESSER INCLUDED OFFENSE, noun. (legal) A crime the elements of which coincide with the elements of a more serious crime, from which the prosecutor is therefore precluded from separately charging a criminal defendant.
LESSER INCLUDED OFFENSES, noun. Plural of lesser included offense
LESSER MULTANGULAR, noun. The trapezoid bone
LESSER NOTHURA, noun. A tinamou, Nothura minor.
LESSER NOTHURAS, noun. Plural of lesser nothura
LESSER OF TWO EVILS, noun. (idiomatic) The more desirable of two bad alternatives.
LESSER PANDA, noun. A red panda, Ailurus fulgens.
LESSER PANDAS, noun. Plural of lesser panda
LESSER POLAND, proper noun. (historical) a historical region of Poland
LESSER SAPHENOUS VEIN, noun. (anatomy) Another term for the small saphenous vein.
LESSER SAPHENOUS VEINS, noun. Plural of lesser saphenous vein
LESSER SCAUP, noun. A scaup of the species Aythya affinis.
LESSER SEAL SCRIPT, noun. Alternative term for small seal script
LESSER SEAL SCRIPT, proper noun. Alternative form of lesser seal script
LESSER SPOTTED WOODPECKER, noun. Picoides minor, a species of woodpecker.
LESSER SPOTTED WOODPECKERS, noun. Plural of lesser spotted woodpecker
LESSER YELLOWLEGS, noun. A shorebird of North America characterized by its yellow legs, Tringa flavipes.

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LESSER, adjective. Of less size or importance; "the lesser anteater"; "the lesser of two evils".
LESSER, adjective. Smaller in size or amount or value; "the lesser powers of Europe"; "the lesser anteater".

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