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HARVEY, proper noun. A surname​.
HARVEY, proper noun. A male given name, in modern use often transferred back from the surname.
HARVEY PROCESS, proper noun. A process for hardening the face of steel, involving the additional carburizing of the face of a piece of low-carbon steel by subjecting it to the action of carbon under long-continued pressure at a very high heat, and then to a violent chilling, as by a spray of cold water. This results in a thick surface of extreme hardness supported by material gradually decreasing in hardness to the unaltered soft steel at the back.
HARVEY SMITH SALUTE, noun. (British) V sign (of contempt or victory)
HARVEY SMITH SIGN, noun. (British) V sign (of contempt or victory)
HARVEY WALLBANGER, noun. An alcoholic cocktail made with vodka, Vanilla Galliano and orange juice.

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HARVEY, noun. English physician and scientist who described the circulation of the blood; he later proposed that all animals originate from an ovum produced by the female of the species (1578-1657).

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