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PROCTOR, noun. (US) A person who supervises students as they take an examination, in the United States at the college/university level; often the department secretary, or a fellow/graduate student.
PROCTOR, noun. (UK) An official at any of several older universities
PROCTOR, noun. (British) (legal) A legal practitioner in ecclesiastical and some other courts
PROCTOR, noun. (obsolete) One appointed to collect alms for those who could not go out to beg for themselves, such as lepers and the bedridden.
PROCTOR, verb. (US) To function as a proctor.
PROCTOR, verb. (transitive) To manage as an attorney or agent.
PROCTOR, adjective. (soil science) Pertaining to the Proctor test, a standardized test measuring soil moisture-density, especially for the requirements of construction projects: Proctor density, Proctor value.
PROCTOR, proper noun. A surname​.
PROCTOR, proper noun. A city in Minnesota
PROCTOR, proper noun. A CDP in Oklahoma
PROCTOR, proper noun. A town in Vermont

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PROCTOR, noun. Someone who supervises (an examination).
PROCTOR, verb. Watch over (students taking an exam, to prevent cheating).

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