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EXPERIMENTAL, adjective. Pertaining to or founded on experiment.
EXPERIMENTAL, adjective. (sciences) nbsp; Serving to be experimented upon.
EXPERIMENTAL, adjective. Serving as an experiment; serving to experiment.
EXPERIMENTAL, adjective. Experiential, empirical.
EXPERIMENTAL, noun. That which is experimental.
EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN, noun. The design of all information-gathering exercises where variation is present, whether under the full control of the experimenter or not.
EXPERIMENTAL PROBABILITY, noun. (mathematics) The probability that a certain outcome will occur, as determined through experiment.

Dictionary definition

EXPERIMENTAL, adjective. Relating to or based on experiment; "experimental physics".
EXPERIMENTAL, adjective. Relying on observation or experiment; "experimental results that supported the hypothesis".
EXPERIMENTAL, adjective. Of the nature of or undergoing an experiment; "an experimental drug".

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