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TOMMY, proper noun. A diminutive of the   male given name Thomas.
TOMMY, proper noun. (uncommon relative to the male given name) A diminutive of the   female given name Thomasina.
TOMMY, noun. (colloquial) Tommy Atkins; a typical private in the British army; a British soldier.
TOMMY, noun. (UK) (slang) (obsolete) bread, generally a penny roll; the supply of food carried by workmen as their daily allowance
TOMMY, noun. (UK) (slang) (obsolete) A truck, or barter; the exchange of labour for goods instead of money.
TOMMY ATKINS, proper noun. Generic term for any British soldier.
TOMMY BAR, noun. (engineering) A short bar put through the shaft of a socket spanner or box spanner to provide extra leverage.
TOMMY COOKER, noun. (slang) (military) (archaic) the M4 Sherman tank, due to its likelihood to "brew up" and explode after being hit by German tank fire in WWII.
TOMMY GUN, noun. A Thompson submachine gun
TOMMY GUNS, noun. Plural of Tommy gun
TOMMY JOHN SURGERIES, noun. Plural of Tommy John surgery
TOMMY JOHN SURGERY, noun. (informal) (medicine) An ulnar collateral ligament reconstruction.
TOMMY LOGGE, noun. European bullhead.
TOMMY LOGGES, noun. Plural of tommy logge
TOMMY RUFF, noun. Arripis georgianus, an Australasian fish in the genus Arripis.

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