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BILLY, noun. A billy club.
BILLY, noun. A billy goat.
BILLY, noun. A male goat; a ram.
BILLY, noun. (Geordie) A good friend.
BILLY, noun. (Australia) (New Zealand) A tin used by bushmen to boil tea, a billypot.
BILLY, noun. (UK) (Australia) A billycan.
BILLY, noun. (slang) A condom (From the E-Rotic song "Willy, Use a Billy...Boy")
BILLY, noun. A slubbing or roving machine.
BILLY, proper noun. A diminutive of the male given name William.
BILLY, proper noun. (US) (nickname) The B-25 twin-engine bomber aircraft used during World War Two, commonly called the "B-25 Mitchell" in honor of U.S. Army General William "Billy" Mitchell.
BILLY BOB, proper noun. A double male given name.
BILLY BUNTER, proper noun. A fictional fat boy with round spectacles in Charles Hamilton's stories set at Greyfriars School.
BILLY BUNTER, noun. (British) A fat boy
BILLY BUNTER, noun. (Cockney rhyming slang) A punter (in a betting shop etc.).
BILLY BUNTERS, noun. Plural of Billy Bunter
BILLY BUTTONS, noun. Any of many species of daisy-like plants in the tribe Gnaphalieae native to Australia and New Zealand
BILLY BUTTONS, noun. Especially any of several flowering plants, of the genus Craspedia (but especially Craspedia globosa), native to Australia, having globes of yellow flowers.
BILLY BUTTONS, noun. Any of several species of the genus Leiocarpa.
BILLY BUTTONS, noun. The plains plover daisy (Leiocarpa brevicompta, formerly Ixiolaena brevicompta), found in floodplains of Queensland and New South Wales; it is poisonous to sheep.
BILLY BUTTONS, noun. Any of several species of the genus Pycnosorus, formerly in Craspedia. [since 1992]
BILLY CART, noun. (UK) (Australia) A rudimentary child's cart; a soapbox car.
BILLY CLUB, noun. A short rounded club used by policemen.
BILLY CLUBS, noun. Plural of billy club
BILLY ELLIOT, noun. A young male dancer, typically a ballet dancer.
BILLY ELLIOTS, noun. Plural of Billy Elliot
BILLY GOAT, noun. A male goat.
BILLY GOATS, noun. Plural of billy goat
BILLY JEAN, proper noun. A compound female given name.
BILLY NO MATES, noun. (British) An individual who has few or no close friends.
BILLY WIX, noun. (East Anglia) the barn owl, Tyto alba.
BILLY YANK, proper noun. (US) (dated) A general term used to refer to a soldier in the Union Army during the American Civil War.
BILLY YANK, proper noun. (by extension) The Union in general.

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BILLY, noun. A short stout club used primarily by policemen.
BILLY, noun. Male goat.

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