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CONTEMPORARY, adjective. From the same time period, coexistent in time.
CONTEMPORARY, adjective. Modern, of the present age.
CONTEMPORARY, adjective. Relatively recent
CONTEMPORARY, noun. Someone or something living at the same time, or of roughly the same age as another.
CONTEMPORARY, noun. Something existing at the same time.
CONTEMPORARY GOSPEL, noun. (music) A style of popular contemporary R&B with Christian lyrics and influences from gospel music.
CONTEMPORARY R&B, noun. (music) A genre of modern popular hip hop dance music influenced by funk and pop music.

Dictionary definition

CONTEMPORARY, noun. A person of nearly the same age as another.
CONTEMPORARY, adjective. Characteristic of the present; "contemporary trends in design"; "the role of computers in modern-day medicine".
CONTEMPORARY, adjective. Belonging to the present time; "contemporary leaders".
CONTEMPORARY, adjective. Occurring in the same period of time; "a rise in interest rates is often contemporaneous with an increase in inflation"; "the composer Salieri was contemporary with Mozart".

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