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ADULT, noun. A fully grown human or animal.
ADULT, noun. A human who has reached the legal age of majority.
ADULT, adjective. Fully grown.
ADULT, adjective. Intended for or restricted to adults rather than children.
ADULT, adjective. Containing material of an explicit sexual nature
ADULT, verb. ​(nonstandard) (rare) To (cause to) be or become an adult.
ADULT BABY DIAPER LOVE, noun. Sexual practices involving paraphilic infantilism, or sexual arousal that stems from pretending one is an infant through the use of diapers and other paraphernalia.
ADULT BEVERAGE, noun. An alcoholic beverage, a potent potable
ADULT CONTEMPORARY, noun. A category of music including soft rock, ballads, easy listening, soul, and rhythm and blues.
ADULT CONTENT, noun. Content, such as pornography or violence, that is not generally thought to be appropriate for viewing by children.
ADULT MOVIE, noun. (euphemistic) a pornographic film
ADULT MOVIES, noun. Plural of adult movie
ADULT SHOW, noun. (television) (nonstandard) A television series or television program aimed primarily to be viewed by adult.
ADULT SHOW, noun. Used in literal contexts: see adult,‎ show.
ADULT SHOWS, noun. Plural of adult show
ADULT SHOWS, noun. Used in literal contexts: see adult,‎ shows.
ADULT THIRD CULTURE KID, noun. (sociology) A third culture kid who has grown into adulthood. Abbreviations: ATCK. [from the mid-20th c.]
ADULT THIRD CULTURE KIDS, noun. Plural of adult third culture kid Abbreviation: ATCKs.

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ADULT, noun. A fully developed person from maturity onward.
ADULT, noun. Any mature animal.
ADULT, adjective. (of animals) fully developed; "an adult animal"; "a grown woman".
ADULT, adjective. Designed to arouse lust; "pornographic films and magazines"; "adult movies".

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