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LOCALITY, noun. The fact or quality of having a position in space.
LOCALITY, noun. The features or surroundings of a particular place.
LOCALITY, noun. (uncountable) (maths) (computing) The condition of being local
LOCALITY, noun. The situation or position of an object.
LOCALITY, noun. An area or district considered as the site of certain activities; a neighbourhood.
LOCALITY, noun. Limitation to a county, district, or place.
LOCALITY, noun. (dated) (phrenology) The perceptive faculty concerned with the ability to remember the relative positions of places.

Dictionary definition

LOCALITY, noun. A surrounding or nearby region; "the plane crashed in the vicinity of Asheville"; "it is a rugged locality"; "he always blames someone else in the immediate neighborhood"; "I will drop in on you the next time I am in this neck of the woods".

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