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LEGEND, noun. A story of unknown origin describing plausible but extraordinary past events.
LEGEND, noun. A story in which a kernel of truth is embellished to an unlikely degree.
LEGEND, noun. A leading protagonist in a historical legend.
LEGEND, noun. A person of extraordinary accomplishment.
LEGEND, noun. A key to the symbols and color codes on a map, chart, etc.
LEGEND, noun. An inscription, motto, or title, especially one surrounding the field in a medal or coin, or placed upon a heraldic shield or beneath an engraving or illustration.
LEGEND, noun. A fabricated backstory for a spy, with associated documents and records; a cover story.
LEGEND, noun. (UK) (Irish) (Australia) (New Zealand) (colloquial) (slang) A cool, nice or helpful person, especially one who is male.
LEGEND, verb. (archaic) (transitive) To tell or narrate; to recount.
LEGEND IN ONE'S OWN LUNCHTIME, noun. (idiomatic) (often ironic) One whose fame is insignificant or fleeting.

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LEGEND, noun. A story about mythical or supernatural beings or events.
LEGEND, noun. Brief description accompanying an illustration.

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