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FU, interjection. (Internet) (slang) Initialism of fuck you.
FU, noun. Flux unit
FU, noun. A Chinese literary form developed during the times of the Han dynasty that combines prose and poetry, sometimes called rhymed prose.
FU, proper noun. A Chinese surname​.
FU MANCHU, proper noun. A series of books by British author Sax Rohmer about a villain that sports a Fu Manchu moustache, and other media based on them, such as comic books and movies.
FU MANCHU, proper noun. The villain who is the title character of that series.
FU MANCHU, noun. A Fu Manchu moustache.
FU MANCHU MOUSTACHE, noun. A long mustache modeled after that of the early 20th-century character Fu Manchu
FU MANCHU MOUSTACHES, noun. Plural of Fu Manchu moustache
FU MANCHU MUSTACHE, noun. A full, straight moustache that grows downward past the lips and on either side of the chin and extends down toward the toes.
FU MANCHU MUSTACHES, noun. Plural of Fu Manchu mustache
FU MANCHUS, noun. Plural of Fu Manchu
FU XI, proper noun. (mythology) Alternative form of Fuxi

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