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LI, noun. The Chinese mile, a traditional unit of distance equal to 1500 chis or 150 zhangs, now standardized as a half-kilometer (500 meters).
LI, noun. A traditional Chinese unit of weight, equal to one-thousandth of a liang, or fifty milligrams.
LI, noun. (Chinese philosophy) A meaningful ceremony or ritual; etiquette, behaviour.
LI, noun. An ancient Chinese cauldron having three hollow legs.
LI, symbol. The ISO 3166-1 two-letter (alpha-2) code for Liechtenstein.
LI, symbol. A Roman numeral representing fifty-one (51).
LI, symbol. (element symbol) The symbol for lithium.
LI, proper noun. A surname​ of Chinese origin, a transcription of 李 (pinyin: Lǐ)
LI, proper noun. A surname​ of Chinese origin, a transcription of other less common names such as 黎 (Lí) and 理 (Lǐ)
LI, proper noun. A surname​ of Korean origin, a variant of Lee and Rhee (Hanja: 李; Hangul: 이 & 리)
LI, proper noun. A county in Gansu province in China
LI HING MUI, noun. Crack seed

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LI, noun. A soft silver-white univalent element of the alkali metal group; the lightest metal known; occurs in several minerals.
LI, noun. Chinese distance measure; approximately 0.5 kilometers.
LI, adjective. Being one more than fifty.

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