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TECHNOLOGY, noun. (uncountable) The organization of knowledge for practical purposes.
TECHNOLOGY, noun. All the different and usable technologies developed by a culture or people.
TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER, noun. The sharing of technological information through education and training.
TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER, noun. The use of a concept or product from one technology to solve a problem in an unrelated one.
TECHNOLOGY TRANSFERS, noun. Plural of technology transfer
TECHNOLOGY TREE, noun. (video games) A hierarchical representation of technology that may be researched and implemented for the whole faction by the player, most often in real-time strategy games.
TECHNOLOGY TREES, noun. Plural of technology tree

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TECHNOLOGY, noun. The practical application of science to commerce or industry.
TECHNOLOGY, noun. The discipline dealing with the art or science of applying scientific knowledge to practical problems; "he had trouble deciding which branch of engineering to study".

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