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SUSPENSE, noun. The condition of being suspended; cessation for a time.
SUSPENSE, noun. The pleasurable emotion of anticipation and excitement regarding the outcome or climax of a book, film etc.
SUSPENSE, noun. The unpleasant emotion of anxiety or apprehension in an uncertain situation.
SUSPENSE, noun. (legal) A temporary cessation of one's right; suspension, as when the rent or other profits of land cease by unity of possession of land and rent.
SUSPENSE, adjective. (obsolete) Held or lifted up; held or prevented from proceeding.
SUSPENSE, adjective. (obsolete) Expressing, or proceeding from, suspense or doubt.
SUSPENSE ACCOUNT, noun. (accounting) An account in which receipts or disbursements are temporarily entered until their proper position in the books is determined.
SUSPENSE ACCOUNTS, noun. Plural of suspense account

Dictionary definition

SUSPENSE, noun. Apprehension about what is going to happen.
SUSPENSE, noun. An uncertain cognitive state; "the matter remained in suspense for several years".
SUSPENSE, noun. Excited anticipation of an approaching climax; "the play kept the audience in suspense".

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