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DIAL, noun. A graduated, circular scale over which a needle moves to show a measurement (such as speed).
DIAL, noun. A clock face.
DIAL, noun. A sundial.
DIAL, noun. A panel on a radio etc showing wavelengths or channels; a knob that is turned to change the wavelength etc.
DIAL, noun. A disk with finger holes on a telephone; used to select the number to be called.
DIAL, noun. (British) (dated) A person's face.
DIAL, noun. A miner's compass.
DIAL, verb. (transitive) To measure or indicate something with a dial.
DIAL, verb. (transitive) To control or select something with a dial
DIAL, verb. (transitive) To select a number, or to call someone, on a telephone.
DIAL, verb. (intransitive) To use a dial or a telephone.
DIAL IN, verb. Configure, set up, particularly a complex machine with many configuration options (especally knobs and dials).
DIAL IN, verb. Join or participate in a conference call.
DIAL INDICATOR, noun. An instrument that measures small distances; used especially to check the tolerance of machined parts
DIAL INTO, verb. To join a computer network
DIAL IT IN, verb. To set up in a perfect or complete way.
DIAL IT IN, verb. To give a lackluster, uninspired, or timid performance (especially when capable of doing better); to phone it in.
DIAL NUMBER, noun. (dated) telephone number
DIAL TONE, noun. A telephony signal, usually in the form of a sound, used to indicate that the telephone exchange is working, has recognized an off-hook, and is ready to accept a call.
DIAL TONES, noun. Plural of dial tone
DIAL UP, verb. To telephone, to call on the telephone
DIAL UP, verb. To connect a computer to a modem

Dictionary definition

DIAL, noun. The face of a timepiece; graduated to show the hours.
DIAL, noun. The control on a radio or television set that is used for tuning.
DIAL, noun. The circular graduated indicator on various measuring instruments.
DIAL, noun. A disc on a telephone that is rotated a fixed distance for each number called.
DIAL, verb. Operate a dial to select a telephone number; "You must take the receiver off the hook before you dial".
DIAL, verb. Choose by means of a dial; "dial a telephone number".

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