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STEERING, verb. Present participle of steer
STEERING, noun. Equipment used to control direction; something used to steer.
STEERING ARM, noun. A bar connecting the steering wheel to the torsion bars to steer a car or vehicle.
STEERING ARMS, noun. Plural of steering arm
STEERING COLUMN, noun. (automotive) a column originating in the dashboard and ending at the steering wheel
STEERING COLUMN, noun. (aviation) a column ending in the flight yoke, whose manipulation allows for the control of pitch
STEERING COLUMNS, noun. Plural of steering column
STEERING GROUP, noun. A committee whose function is to arrange the schedules of business for a legislative assembly or other organization
STEERING GROUPS, noun. Plural of steering group
STEERING WHEEL, noun. A wheel-shaped control that is rotated by the driver to steer, existing in most modern land vehicles.
STEERING WHEELS, noun. Plural of steering wheel

Dictionary definition

STEERING, noun. The act of guiding or showing the way.
STEERING, noun. The act of setting and holding a course; "a new council was installed under the direction of the king".
STEERING, noun. The act of steering a ship.

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